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Curriculum vitae

Ik heb mijn CV beknopt opgenomen op deze pagina. In het Engels, omdat ik over het algemeen werk voor internationale opdrachtgevers.


  • Proactive
  • Quick learner
  • Independent
  • Loyal
  • Efficient
  • Never stop learning
  • Problem-solving


1993 - 1999

Business Communication/Marketing
Hogeschool van Utrecht (Professional University, Utrecht / Netherlands)
Bachelor diploma
(Public Relations, Management, Communication, Audio Visual, English, Law, Advertising, Event-management, Economics, and others)

1992 - 1993

National association for public relations
Diploma of Public Relation

1985 - 1991

Gymnasium (Secondary Grammar-school)
R.K. Gymnasium Beekvliet (St. Michielsgestel / Netherlands)
(Dutch, English, German, Latin, Mathematics, History and Economics)


2002 - 2016

Several online courses related to SEO, SEM, Social Media and communication-skills


Database Design (Europstat University/Paris)


Spanish for foreign students


HTML-design (extra course)


MS Excel
MS Access
MS Word


2006 - currently

Freelance translator (autónomo)

  • Translation of brochures, catalogues, websites and press releases
  • Working for several international companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Switzerland

2004 - currently

Freelance photographer and travelguide (autónomo)

  • Product and landscape photography
  • Guide for foreign journalist and TV-crews visiting Catalonia
  • Working for several international companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Switzerland

2003 - currently

Freelance journalist and content-manager (autónomo)

  • Editor of several articles and press releases
  • Content-management of international websites
  • Working for several international companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Switzerland

2002 - currently

Freelance host/keynote speaker and moderator on international trade fairs and other events (autónomo)

  • Presentations for and about Catalan tourism in Dutch, English and German at international events and trade fairs in Holland, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain
  • Moderator of workshops and conferences about online presence of Catalan tourism companies

1999 - currently

Sole owner/editor of several outdoor-related websites; including Hiking-site.nl, one of the most popular outdoor-related websites of the Netherlands. Tasks included:

  • Programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, etc.)
  • Content-management (planning, SEO-writing, photography, etc.)
  • Marketing (link-building, advertising, newsletters, etc.)
  • Generate revenue (advertising sales, management affiliate-programs, sales of paid contents, etc.)
  • Community-building (forum, user-based contents, photo-albums, social media, etc.)
  • Contracting (external programmers)
  • Statistics (Google Analytics)

2000 - 2001

eDreams S.A. - Community manager/Project coordinator

  • Manage online community of >150 'DreamGuides' (travelexperts)
  • Recruite new DreamGuides
  • Generate revenue out of community
  • Coordinator eDreams Travel Network


Europstat - Consultant

  • Training period of 2 months at Europstat University in Paris/France

1996 - 1999

Cetis, Center of Expertise - Project communication/consultant

  • Give advice about the use of Internet for educational, promotional and informational use (both as consultant as well as project-leader)
  • Website-maintenance
  • Train people in website-maintenance
  • Presentations about Internet and Multimedia course material
  • Demonstrate developed applications at (inter)national events
  • Solve information-problems
  • DTP (brochures, flyers, etc.)

1995 - 1996

M'Xpress, editor and Public Relations-office - Office-assistant

  • Automating data-files (subscribers, relations, etc.)
  • Writing articles
  • Taking interviews
  • Gathering information for trade journals
  • Organizing annual award presentation

1990 - 1996

Fun Garden, Party company - Marketing-assistant and party-manager (weekend-job)

  • General marketing-tasks, including advertising, DTP, sales letters and telemarketing
  • Host and party-manager of company-parties at various locations in the Netherlands (40-4000 guests)


Dutch (Native language): oral and written fluently
English Oral and written fluently
Spanish Oral fluently, written average
German Oral average, written average
French Oral minimal, written minimal
Catalan Oral minimal, written minimal



  • High level of experience with mainstream MS Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Other applications include PhotoShop, several HTML-editors and graphic applications.


  • High level of experience with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and forumbased websites

Social Media

  • High level of experience with Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram



My passion on which large proportions of my leisure time is spent. While hiking I take groups of people into the woods and mountains and let them experience nature.


Vivid photographer, taking pictures of everything I like both in nature as well as around the house. Passionate poster on Instagram with 5000+ followers.


While relaxing I like to read books about the outdoors, Internet, communication/marketing and Social Media as well as non-fiction books.

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