Kickstart-project voor Norra Ljung Outdoor pants

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Voor de liefhebbers leuk om te lezen/participeren: het jonge Zweedse merk Norra is middels kickstarter het project voor hun eerste product begonnen. De Njung Outdoor Pants laat hun visie zien op hoe een outdoorbroek er uit zou moeten zien, maar is bovendien gebaseerd op input van hun eigen ervaringen en de ervaringen die andere buitensporters met hen willen delen:

Ik ontving er het volgende persbericht over:
Sweden's new outdoor brand Norra, is about to launch its first product:durable and classic outdoor pants in stretch, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

"We started Norra because we want to create functional, simple and sustainable products with carefully selected materials and make them available to more users. Now we launch our first product: durable and classic outdoor pants. "Says Jacob von Matern, one of the founders of Norra.

Norra is built on four cornerstones:
Collaboration with the user.
Norra's products will be built up from scratch and allowing the users to be part of theprocess. By giving insight early on in the process when the products are to bedeveloped, we can get input and feedback from users right from the start, resulting in better products.

Timeless design.
While the outdoor industry is approaching the fashion industry with its short-lived trends, Norra wants to go the opposite way and create timeless products that last. Norra's pants are designed to last for a long time, not only in terms of material selection and construction; It is also characterized by timeless design.

Sustainable, high quality products.
By focusing on quality in terms of sustainable materials, functionality and timeless design, Norra wants to give the consumer a comprehensive and sustainable alternative to today's offer.

A pricing that makes the products available to more.

By cutting out all the middlemen and selling directly to customers, Norra will be able to provide more value for money and make high-quality products available to more people. Norra will offer their pants at a price of 119 Euro, which is significantly less than what consumers today would otherwise have to pay for an equivalent pair of pants.
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