Re Ardennen

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I returned yesterday from the Ardennen.
I took the motorbike as I wanted to leave the car for my wife, and the weather was fantastic.
Being an Irishman has many plus's and minus points. The latter being of importance as I will never walk in the Ardennen in such good weather again. It must be an Irish thing but rain,snow or even at the least a bit of frost is what makes a walk worth walking.
Now I know with such good weather we must carry lots of water but to be honest I would rather carry warm cloths. The walk I did was less than challanging as there was just too much taramack. If I wanted tarmack I would have stayed in De Nederlands.
So to all...... I hope to see you in the autum .
Tot herfts.
Gr paul
Dus tot het koud word,
Globel warming is a bitch.
Doi Paul

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