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Please help. We have bought an analogue altimiter (without instructions), and although are reasonably confident that we can't go wrong with the single adjustment have 1 question.....

It is rated to go up to 5000m (model altitrek). What happends when you go higher? Does it work again when you decend? Does it explode? Does it refuse to make your cup of tea in a morning????...No seriously, since it works on changing air pressure, we're not sure whether the vaccuum chamber simply springs a leak and therefore no longer works. Does anyone know (or have broken theirs by doing so????)

Thank you

A novice to the world of hoogtemeters!
I would have to check the manual but I seem to remember that it shouldn't be a problem up to 15000m. I have a Thommen Classic but I think this shouldn't matter.
I just found a page which seems to confirm what I thought ( ). It's in french but somewhere in the middle they have a small paragraph about altimeters (with a picture of a Thommen). Free translated, it says that the Thommen Classic is a world class instrument that should be able to handle barometric pressure up to 15000m without taking any damage. Again, they only mention the Classic but I guess it should be ok for the Altitrek too.
Ofcourse, you can always try to contact Thommen at
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