trekking in Netherlands - possible or not?!

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Hi there!

I'm new here and I was wondering - are there some people who do hiking and trekking or just walking in their oun country?;)
I have the weekend free and no any idea how the things are going here:)!:p :p :p
Dear Lusi.

It is very well possible.
The easiest way to do is to walk a L.A.W. (Lange Afstands Wandelpad) or Long Distance Footpath. You can buy books of the route with the important information in it like where the campings are.
The most important outdoor shops will sell those books.

And secondly you can also join club.hiking-site.
People there take initiatief to go walking and you can join them.
Then you meet more people who do like it and you'll get all the info you want.
There is the WKH event on 12 & 13 march and the Zand Hike on April 9.

D'Oude Vos.
(Zo, nu een Vosje). Dutch is not so good - about 12-13 march - is it kinda nightwalk and it seems to be a very wild place - animals or so...Where's that thing?And another ? - 12-th in the night and on 13-th in the morning - is it the time? Whoosh, sounds exiting if I got it right, I'll think about it - don't have special equipment with me but I don't wear formal clothes as well;) So - how far is it from my place - Den Haag?
Hope to hear from you soon!
Take care!
Hi Lusi,

I have sent you an email via the site, that wille explain the plans for this weekend. Always nice to meet new people on a hiking-site event!


Beklim dat ding, dan kunnen we daarna tenminste weer aan echte bergsport gaan doen!!
-Bill Tillman in 1923, over de Mount Everest-
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